Paddy O’Connell is God but Bonnie Greer is just wrong

Paddy O’Connell is without doubt the best presenter on national radio.  I’ve been warming recently to Nicky Campbell (I’ve always felt Campbell was lot less clever than he thought, while Simon Mayo was a lot cleverer than he thought, but Campbell is winning me over.)  But O’Connell is just brilliant.  I love his super-dry wit such as the classic sign-off to his Broadcasting House show this morning:  “and if you want to see what web sites looked like a few years ago… visit ours…” (it’s all in the delivery, you’ll just have to listen to the download 🙂

But his show did create one ‘Victor Meldrew, shouting at the radio’ moment for me.  Bonnie Greer, who often talks sense when she is not talking politics, said the Government shouldnt have allowed the super casino to be built because people don’t need to gamble.  Sorry Bonnie, but (thankfully) the Soviets lost the Cold War.  It is not the role of the state to decide what people do with their time and the rewards of their labour based on someone else’s opinion of what they need to do.  Lots of people have concerns about the corrosive effect of gambling but deciding what people should or should not based on the state’s assessment of what they need to with their lives is not my definition of liberalism…


6 responses to “Paddy O’Connell is God but Bonnie Greer is just wrong

  1. I agree, O’Connell is a good guy. In an idle moment I filled out one of the auto feedback boxes on the BH website saying how much I enjoyed it, and he personally emailed a fairly witty message back.

  2. Ok, you’re on. I like both Campbell and Mayo. Where do I find this O’Connell person?

    I’m just having memories of Simon Mayo and the Breakfast Crew on Radio 1. I forsook the Today programme for years.

    My personal favourite, and source of too much of my education at the moment is Boogie and Jill in the Morning on Radio Forth, which you won’t be able to get, but I know you’d appreciate.

  3. I agree that O’Connell is excellent, and like Campbell and Mayo too (in fact I’ve canvassed one of them … somewhere between Prob & SLab, in case you’re interested).

    However, surely you can’t miss off the best presenter on British radio bar none – Fi Glover, of course!

  4. Uh…and what about Eddie Mair – surely they’re all just following his lead in the dry wit department!

  5. Patrick has recently been nominated along with Broadcasting House for a BPG Award as best presenter. I love his broadcasting too.

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