Ego’s wherever you ask ‘im to…

On campus at Sussex Uni today – spotted a poster advertising future speakers for the Politics Society.  It included Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesman Nick Glegg…

No honours for those politics students then but it could have been worse – they could have invited Norman Glam…or Ed Gravey… or Lembit Opik…


2 responses to “Ego’s wherever you ask ‘im to…

  1. I’m sure he’s been called a lot worse.

  2. Probably in Spanish… 😉

    Jill Hope’s downstairs loo is plastered with examples of all the strange thing she and Shaun have been called over the years.

    You can imagine the variations on Maxfield that I get but my favourite has always been the spell checker on a version of Word that wanted to correct Maxfield to Mis-filed…

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