Second hand flight tickets anyone?

Well that’s a bit of a b*gger.  I’m due to go to Romania in mid May to help the Liberals in their European Parliament elections.  But I’ve just seen on EuroNews* that the (Liberal) Prime Minister has postponed the elections indefinitely…

The official excuse is an on-going constitutional dispute between the government, the opposition and the president.  But cynics might suggest that it is more to do with the on-going internal warfare within the ruling Liberal Party – Democratic Party coalition which has resulted in the Liberals splitting in two with the main group (led by the Prime Minister) being isolated from the electorally popular President.

*Just for the sake of my own credibility, I want to point out that I dont normally watch EuroNews at breakfast time.  The dispute between Sky and Virgin means I no longer have access to Sky News and  I managed to listen to Radio 4 for about 5 minutes before throwing the radio out the window – Humphries behaving like a 6 year old interviewing David Miliband followed by (surprise surprise) and item on opera from Jim “for Gods sake put him on Radio 3 where no one will listen to him” Naughtie.


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