Mike Newell – what a hypocrite!

Mike Newell plants his foot in his mouth again and finally finds a boot planted firmly in his a*** by his bosses at Luton Town.It’s impossible not to feel a certain fondness for Newell because of his habit of launching spectacularly tactless rants to the listening media.  Football is an entertainment business where spin (and over exposure) has washed all of the colour out of is media coverage.  Newell at least made a refreshing change from the norm.

But hang on a minute, Mike.  In your latest outburst you criticise the Luton Town board for selling all the team’s best players.  Yet, I read that in your contract you had a clause that paid you 10% of any transfer fee received from the sale of players.  Isn’t that a massive conflict of interest?

What would we think if the Head of a school insisted on being paid 10% of the salary of any teacher who left to join another school?  Wouldn’t we think the Head might be focused on off-loading his best and most experienced staff rather than developing the best quality education at the school?  Or, in the days when I worked for PwC, imagine what my boss would have said if I had asked for a 10% cut of the fee value of all clients who left the firm for a rival consultancy?

If Newell’s contract is standard in the industry then something is truly rotten in the state of football…


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