The lawyers are revolting

News that 1,000 solicitors marched on Whitehall yesterday to protest against changes to Legal Aid makes me fear for the stability of the State.  So, I place a call to my mole in the DCA for the inside track. 

 Fortunately, ‘Deep Pockets’ reassures me – the government is not about to be overthrown, I dont need to sell off my stocks and bonds and move to a more stable democracy such as Venezuela.

He did say, though, that as he was responsible for managing the changes it did feel a bit odd to walk past the demo – he couldnt help taking it personally.

Still, it must have invoked dreadful images of the return of the London Mob – hundreds of lawyers hefting their expense-account bellies and chanting: “what do we want?” – “billable hours!”  “When do we want it?” – “When the more profitable work is running a bit thin!”  Now, if the Government had given permission to 1,000 criminals to demonstrate in Westminster that might have been altogether more entertaining…


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