Today’s most emailed article

From the BBC News web site is this.  Unsurprisingly 🙂


2 responses to “Today’s most emailed article

  1. I think the intensity of a new baby’s needs is easier to cope with if your expectations are realistic. The baby that sleeps for 8 hours every night exists only in the pages of 1950s parenting manuals.

    Lack of sleep was one of the things I dreaded most when I was pregnant. I turn into the Witch Queen from Hell if I’m deprived of sleep, which was the main reason I decided from the start that Anna was going to sleep in with us. Even though she was nearly 2 by the time she slept through, after the first wee while, I barely had to wake up.

    The other thing I decided from fairly near the start that never, ever, was I going to get out of bed if I didn’t have to, and never, ever was I going to engage in conversation or games before a reasonable getting up time. I was amused at a midwife’s suggestion to a new mum recently that she had to change the baby’s nappy before she fed him, even in the night. What utter nonsense – make life easy for yourself and don’t bother unless you have to.

    Also, one of the things they talked about in the article was parents rowing over who got less sleep. That sort of stress is just exhausting and not worth the battle. Again from the start I was quite prepared for it to be me who saw to Anna in in the night – I was feeding her and I didn’t see why my husband should be disturbed if he had to go to work. If I had a bad night, I could sleep the next day and he couldn’t.

  2. I am at present going through a sympathetic sleep deprivation exercise known as elections.
    But if I had a gun for the screaming baby on the bus this morning…

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