Happy birthday Dennis Healey

Best wishes to him on his 90th.  A master of the one-liner and an icon of 70s politics-  just a shame that the 1970s was a dismal decade for politics in Britain which produced a string of very clever people who proved very bad at running the country.  Can’t disagree with his view of Tony Benn, though: 

“destructive innocence – a charming man, silver-tongued, but with very, very bad judgement indeed”.


2 responses to “Happy birthday Dennis Healey

  1. I remember Dennis Healey sharing a train journey to the 1984 Chesterfield by-election with David Steel. Healey was going to support Labour’s candidate in Chesterfield, Tony Benn.

    Healey spent the entire journey running-down Benn yet as soon as the train arrived and he stepped into the media glare he was gushing in his praise of Benn.

    At the evening rally he exclaimed “Tony, we’ve been inseparable. In fact Tony and Dennis are as close as Torvill & Dean”.

    The audience roared with laughter, knowing the two men had little, if anything, in common.

    The Miners Banner that was acting as a platform backdrop slowly slipped sideways and collapsed onto the floor in full view of the TV cameras.

    When even a piece of cloth can’t believe what it’s hearing…. !

    Are you campaigning in Chesterfield this year Ed?

  2. Chesterfield and many other places, Peter 🙂

    Back in my old stamping ground this weekend – West Lindsey where the Lib Dems should see off Tory attempts to take back control – and East Lindsey helping Fiona Martin whose house is so big that bizarrely she couldnt remember how many bedrooms she has…

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