Liberal dirty tricks shock

“Hampshire Labour News” had nothing on this report about campaign tactics in Romania’s presidential impeachment referendum: 

An SMS with PD leader Emil Boc as alleged sender was received on journalists’ phones over the weekend. “Basescu sees himself back in Cotroceni. Power has taken his reason. On May 19, show him you don’t want any more dictators. Vote YES. Emil Boc.” The PD leader reacted immediately, particularly since he is known as a pro-Basescu activist. “I will notify the Prosecutor’s Office on this SMS.” The Liberals denied any involvement in the affair.

Moreover, the Liberals believe that the use of Basescu’s image on posters with an anti-Basescu message is absolutely legal, as long as the President’s image is not registered. The Liberals designed their anti-Basescu campaign around posters displaying the image of the Head of State, with the message “Power has damaged his brain. Vote YES.”

(The National Liberal Party – sister party of Britain’s Lib Dems and until recently a coalition partner of Basescu’s PD – is campaigning for the president’s impeachment.  Supporters of Basescu should be voting NO in the referendum to oppose impeachment)


2 responses to “Liberal dirty tricks shock

  1. The Liberal message is something along the lines of “He has changed. He craves power. Romania deserves more”. There is, as far as I can see, no mention of his brain. This comment is made for the purpose of providing clear information.

    As for the Liberal tactics, they are rather dirty as they seek to link the image of the former Alianta D.A. (Truth and Justice Alliance, made up of PNL and PD, the Liberals and democrats) with their campaign against the impeached President Traian Basescu…

  2. The quote is taken from – given their usual standards, I’m not surprised they got part of the translation wrong 🙂

    For the uniniated, the point about the Truth and Justice Alliance (between the Liberals and the PD) is that their initials spell DA – Romanian for Yes. So, ‘Vote DA’ has a double meaning. Cheeky but not as naughty as sending text messages pretending to be from the leader of another party!

    The great tragedy is that the reason Vote DA is such a useable message is that the Liberal-PD Alliance is the first governing formation to retain its electoral popularity – all ruined by personal jealousies and ambitions.

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