Long lost memories

I consider myself to be something of a militant anti-sentimentalist but every now and then something comes along that just makes you smile.

A (long) while back my mum gave me a cylinder of ancient camera film and asked me to see if I could find somewhere that might have a go at developing it.  She thought the film was at least 30 years old and might not have even been used – so expectations about getting anything from it were pretty low.

 A quick search on the internet found Process C-22 who specialise in developing old films.  The ad stated that payment was required with the film roll and that there was no guarantee of success.  I sent off the film and heard nothing.  For months.  And then forgot all about it.

Then in April of this year, out of the blue (and more than a year after sending off the film) I got an email from Process C-22 saying they had managed to produce contacts from the film-  and asking if I was still interested in having it developed.  Too right I was – the single contact print they sent me (teased me with 🙂 showed the pix would be worth it.

After a further impatient wait, the prints finally arrived.  I now have more than 30 grainy black and white photos taken almost 40 years ago.  Me when I was a toddler, my brother and sister, childhood friends who I am going to need some help identifying.  Star of the show is a pretty underwhelmed looking donkey on Sutton on Sea beach (it had to be Sutton or Mablethorpe – they were our regular holiday haunts).   Dad is there looking thinner than I remember (my dad died in 1984 but I am not going to get mawkish – he was almost 70 when I was born!)  No pictures of mum though which is a shame – I can only assume that she was the one behind the camera.

Now I am very much looking forward to visiting mum at the weekend with my treasure.  Thank you, Process C-22!

Here’s a sample:

Me, my sister and a friend (on the tractor)

That’s me on the left (looking very cute and for some reason sitting in a trailer) with my sister, Jane and a friend who has commandeered the tractor.

Me and Terry

And that’s me (the sweet blonde one) and my brother Terry (the one on the right with a look on his face that says “everything was great until HE came along, if he hits me with that spade one more time…”)


4 responses to “Long lost memories

  1. Gosh. Take a box of tissues with you when you go to see your mum – I suspect they will bring a tear to her eye.

    What a find. A bit like the 30 year old cine film my parents had put on video for my 30th birthday which showed me cheating at Blind Man’s Buff at my 5th birthday party.

  2. awwwww!

    and I see on the rest of the blog you are expecting a baby – we have a silver cross pram/pushchair in storeage – fourteen years old but in good nick – interested?

  3. Ed, I knew I shoudl e-mail you but I am in a hurry, so just a quick note to say I have tagged you for a meme.blogtag at




  4. Sitting on a trailer?

    Proof that you really are a Tractor boy at heart….

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