East European politics and Paddy Ashdown

Ive recently discovered that my friend Sean Hanley has a blog.  It’s well worth a read if you are interested in East European politics.  He has a book coming out soon but I cant recommend it yet because I am still waiting to be sent a review copy (hint, hint).

 I note he says this about Paddy.  Whether it is an accurate assessment, I couldnt possibly comment… 🙂

“There’s a slightly know-all, even sanctimonious edge to Ashdown, but on he’s articulate, to the point and clearly a high calibre politician who knows what he’s talking about. Best Foreign or Defence Secretary we never had.”


One response to “East European politics and Paddy Ashdown

  1. i didn’t want to talk about paddy ashdown but the lovely pic of Noah on the previous entry
    – so relating it to the above article, all I will say is that Noah is much prettier than Paddy although there is a similarity of furrowed brow. Congratulations everyone!!

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