It’s that time of year again

Gales; rain; cold, dark nights and live football on the radio – it must be August!

 I cant share Norfolk Blogger’s optimism that a 0-0 draw at Preston is a good start for City’s ‘injury ravaged’ squad – it’s the first day of the season for heaven’s sake, did they all trip over their sand castles or something?

But I will no doubt be drawn in again by peaks of excitement and despair and the thought of Jamie Cureton knocking in a hat trick at Portman Road.

 At least Rapid are off to a good start, thanks to a dodgy pitch and some woeful defending at Cluj where they came back from a goal down to finish the day 7 points from 9 and well placed in Romania’s fledgling first division.


2 responses to “It’s that time of year again

  1. Oh dear Ed. Not up to date with the news.

    Norwich’s squad was unable to train virtually all last week and a number of players were playing with a severe problem whilst four were ruled out completely. The injury/problem was food poisoning from a BBQ the Sunday before the match that over 40 club staff became ill from. Peter Grant described it as shocking that on one day only two players were able to turn up to training and that it wrecked their plans for last week.

    incidentally, when was the alst time Norwich got a point at Preston ? It was prior to the Premiership season.

  2. Ah that explains a comment from Robin Whitmore about Delia’s cooking!

    I am actually feeling fairly optimistic (pathetic individual that I am) about City’s prospects. Pre season reminds me a bit of the run up to Worthingtons first full season in charge when I think most people were giving us no chance with a colourless new manager. So see you at Wembley in May?

    The key will be to get people playing who really care about playing for Norwich City, not filling the team with a bunch of journeyman loan signings who couldnt really give a damn.

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