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My advice to Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a very rich man.  I am not.  So I hesitate to offer him business advice. 

But, Richard, it’s time to stop the p*ssing contest with Murdoch and focus on the basics.  Like decent customer service.  Or, in my case, any kind of service.

I was pretty narked by losing Sky News and Sky Sports News from my Virgin Media cable TV service.  But I have also been without a phone since the beginning of March.  And when they came (for the second time) to dig up the garden and stare at the cable last weekend they also disconnected my internet connection.

 They are not going to charge me for being without a phone for six weeks (and the trauma of no internet for more than a week) which is nice of them but so far they are refusing to pay compensation.

 They are coming for the third time this Saturday to try to find the problem.  Let’s hope I am re-connected from then.  But failing that I guess my only compensation will be telling them to sod off, buying a Freeview box and signing up with BT Broadband!