Clearly a child genius…

Noah smiling

Smiling and purposefully bashing large purple caterpillars – what more is there to life? 


Sick as a Canary

Norwich City have won once in the league and scored twice since my son Noah was born.  The only controlled physical co-ordination he is currently showing is the (very entertaining) ability to spit out a dummy.  But it looks as though he would do a better job in the team than some of the players.

A change is needed.  Not since the Championship winning season have we looked like a team who were committed to playing for the shirt.  Nigel Worthington made the mistake of dumping most of those (Mackay, Roberts etc) and replacing them with 3rd rate foreign players and loan signings.

Can we have our team back please?


EPERN report on Romanian Presidential Impeachment Referendum

I’m off to Bucaharest for a few days next month for the climax of their European Parliament elections.

 But, in the meantime, the European Parties, Elections and Referendums Network has published my report on the impeachment referendum held earlier this year.  If you like that sort of thing you can find it here.

New arrival

Noah Maxfield

Many many thanks from myself, Dani and Noah for all the good wishes we have received since Noah arrived on Sunday.  For those who dont yet know he weighs 2.85kg (6lb 5oz), is 48 cm long and will have to suffer his entire life from having Croydon as his place of birth on his birth certificate 🙂

Dani and Noah are doing fine (I’m an emotional wreck but that doesnt really matter).

Noah has a Facebook group (thanks Duncan) but in case you are resisting the tide and not joining Facebook, here’s a photo.

East European politics and Paddy Ashdown

Ive recently discovered that my friend Sean Hanley has a blog.  It’s well worth a read if you are interested in East European politics.  He has a book coming out soon but I cant recommend it yet because I am still waiting to be sent a review copy (hint, hint).

 I note he says this about Paddy.  Whether it is an accurate assessment, I couldnt possibly comment… 🙂

“There’s a slightly know-all, even sanctimonious edge to Ashdown, but on he’s articulate, to the point and clearly a high calibre politician who knows what he’s talking about. Best Foreign or Defence Secretary we never had.”

It’s that time of year again

Gales; rain; cold, dark nights and live football on the radio – it must be August!

 I cant share Norfolk Blogger’s optimism that a 0-0 draw at Preston is a good start for City’s ‘injury ravaged’ squad – it’s the first day of the season for heaven’s sake, did they all trip over their sand castles or something?

But I will no doubt be drawn in again by peaks of excitement and despair and the thought of Jamie Cureton knocking in a hat trick at Portman Road.

 At least Rapid are off to a good start, thanks to a dodgy pitch and some woeful defending at Cluj where they came back from a goal down to finish the day 7 points from 9 and well placed in Romania’s fledgling first division.

Grim Reaper Cat

I would not want this cat as a pet!